You are Galileo! Telescope

New Arrival!

Brand-new "NAOJ Telescope kit" is released in 2019. more info

"You are Galileo!" Telescope Line-Up

We provide three telescope kits with slightly different specifications. Two of them (Hohi-no-Techou and Orbys) which were authorized by IYA2009 Japan committee, have been in wide use for years in Japan. The Latest one (NAOJ) is produced for IAU 100 anniversary project in 2019. All have good and proven optical quality.


You cannot view the Sun with a telescope, even during an eclipse. You will damage your eyes and go easily blind.

Purchase of the You are Galileo! Telescope

handy 4cm telescope kit (Hoshi-no-Techou Inc., Japan)

Hoshi-no-Techou Inc.

This is a popular small and easy-to-assemble kit. Its low power makes it easy for children to use with little or no support, so it's well suited for younger children.
The Moon is obviously the best object for children to observe. Venus, Galileo satellites, some nebulae, star clusters and double stars can also be enjoyed.

4cm telescope kit (ORBYS Inc., Japan)


For further inquiry of specification, procedure assembly and what have you, please feel free to contact yas-hanaoka@orbys.co.jp

This is a somewhat higher quality and higher power easy-to-assemble kit.
Also has been quite successful for years in Japan and internationally.
35-power magnification allows children and other people to enjoy Saturn's rings (unfortunately the ring is closed in 2009, though) and many other objects including the surfaces of planets.

5cm telescope kit (NAOJ, Japan)

UT CO-OP (on-site) NAO (online) Vixen (online)

This is newly designed as more high power easy-to-assemble kit.
The larger lens apperture and 16/66-power exchangable magnification allow children and other people to observe the moon and planets in more detail.

Telescope Assembly Guide

handy 4cm telescope kit (Hoshi-no-Techou Inc., Japan)

How to Assenble

4cm telescope kit (ORBYS Inc., Japan)

5cm telescope kit (NAOJ, Japan)